Wednesday, 17 June 2009

List of titles


BOU checklists

The Birds of . . .
Borneo by Clive Mann

São Tomé & Príncipe with Annobón by Peter Jones & Alan Tye

Hispaniola by Allan R. Keith, James W. Wiley, Steven C. Latta and José A. Ottenwalder

Morocco by Michel Thévenot, Rae Vernon and Patrick Bergier

The Cayman Islands by Patricia E. Bradley

Angola by W R J Dean

St Helena by Beau Rowlands et al

St Lucia by Allan R Keith

Togo by Robert A Cheke and J. Frank Walsh

Cape Verde by C J Hazevoet

Nigeria by J H Elgood, J B Heigham, Amberley M Moore, Anne N Nason, R E Sharland and N J Skinner (2nd> Edition)

Cyprus by P R Flint and P F Stewart (2nd Edition)

The Gambia by M E J Gore

The Philippines by E C Dickinson, R S Kennedy and K C Parkes

Sicily by Carmelo Iapichino and Bruno Massa

Sumatra by J G van Marle and Karel H Voous

The South Bahamas by D W Buden

Wallacea by C M N White and M D Bruce

Other BOU titles

Bird Atlas of Uganda by Margaret Carswell, Derek Pomeroy, Jake Reynolds & Herbert Tushabe

BOU 150th Anniversary ConferenceBird conservation in response to global change: from ornithology to policy

Birds as Predators and as Prey

Woodland Birds: Their Ecology and Management

Ecology & Conservation of Lowland Farmland Birds II: the road to recovery

Ecology and Conservation of Lowland Farmland Birds (CD version)

Birds & Public Health

Checklist of Birds of Britain and Ireland (revised edition)

List of Recent Holarctic Bird Species

The Introduction and Naturalisation of Birds

The Ecology and Conservation of Palaearctic-African Migrants

Bird Conservation: The Science and the Action

Bird Scaring

Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici

Diseases and Parasites of Birds